There was a nice variety of hawks to look at today, especially red-taileds.
I did not refind the rough-legged, despite looking over the central area as
thoroughly as possible.  A huge part of the CA is closed for hunting and
bird refuge.

Red-tailed Hawk            11
Western, dark morph        01
Western, dark or Harlan's  01
Northern Harrier           07
Red-shouldered Hawk        02
Buteo, sp.                 03
Cooper's Hawk              02
Cooper's or Sharp-shinned  01
Bald Eagle                 01
American Kestrel           01

Trumpeter Swan             48
Lapland Longspur           01
Northern Cardinal          20

European Starlings were massed either side of US hwy 67, between route 367
and the Missouri River, in the low 1000s.

All St. Louis County.

Mike Thelen
University City (St. Louis County), Missouri
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