The Confluence Christmas Bird Count will happen on Saturday, January
1.  We could still use a few volunteers.  Let me know in the next few
days because I have to start assigning people to areas.  The maps are
here (sorry - big file, slow to load)

In addition to birders in the field, it would be great to have some
feeder watchers.  If there is anybody who lives within 7 miles of the
Jamestown Mall in north St. Louis Co. and who wants to stay home and
count birds at feeders while watching football, please contact me.

Finally, I won't be able to participate in my own count this year
because of an unavoidable work commitment.  Jim and Charlene Malone
will be staked out at Riverlands the whole day.  They've agreed to
collect the annoying, mandatory 5 bucks and pass the proceeds on to

Randy Korotev

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