This morning while driving around the oxbow lakes region just south of Saint Joseph, I encountered a couple of flocks of LAPLAND LONGSPURS. There were ~200 in each of the flocks. I did see some HORNED LARKS in with the longspurs, but was not able to detect any Snow Buntings. There might have been some, but the birds were feeding in harvested corn fields which had been tilled, making them quite difficult to see (as they seem to prefer to be in the low areas of the furrows). There are also 19 or 20 TRUMPETER SWANS hanging around (at least in the mornings) in a harvested corn field on the east side of the entrance road to Jentell Brees CA off of U Highway south of Saint Joseph. Pretty easy to spot given their size and there being minimal snow on the field.

Larry Lade
Saint Joseph, MO
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