Mary Anne and I sighted a male Spotted Towhee at Columbia Bottom CA.  The Towhee was on the right side of the short trail between the parking lot and the Missouri River.  The gravel parking lot is just over from the levee from the gravel road that is gated for hunting.  The short trail is between the gravel parking lot and the Mississippi River.  The Towhee was seen in low vines on the north side (right side of trail when walking towards the river).  

Earlier we saw 14 Trumpeter Swans fly to an iced area near the "Bridge to Nowhere".

On the asphalt trail near the visitor center we saw lots of sparrows; White-crowned, White-throated, American Tree, Eurasian Tree, Song, Swamp, Savannah, Fox, and Field.  On the same trail, we saw a Golden-crowned Kinglet.

David & Mary Anne Marjamaa---
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