The Trimble CBC on 18 December had a good showing with 20 participants  
in 7 territories. Smithville Lake was about 50 percent closed, with  
the main body of the lake open and a few pools open in the coves. All  
other teams found small bodies of water and streams iced over. We  
usually hit around 80 species when we have open water on the lake, and  
this year was no exception: the preliminary total is 84.

Highlights (considering the amount of ice) included American Black  
Duck (in Honker Cove), Rough-legged Hawk (also from the team in the  
Honker Cove area), and Merlin in two territories.

More than 1,000 gulls came streaming into the roost near the dam right  
at sunset, and a group of 10 Bonaparte's Gulls  the first for the day  
 snuck into the roost in the last moments of useful light.

We missed shovelers, Green-winged Teal, Athya ducks, Northern  
Bobwhite, Long-eared Owl, shrikes, and Brown Thrasher.

Thanks to all who participated!

Kristi Mayo
Kearney MO (Clay Co.)
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