St. Louis area birders:

I know everyone is busy, busy this time of year, but PLEASE update the LIST
directly as to whether you re-found the following rarities (including location of the bird
so others can try to retrace your footsteps). 
There are several birders (local and visiting) that would like to re-find these birds.
Of course, if anything else unusual is found please post directly to the list as well. 

CBCA (Columbia Bottom CA, St. L co.)
- Spotted Towhee
- Rough-legged Hawk
- Short-eared Owls

Winfield dam area, Linc. co:

- gulls besides Ring-billed and Herring
- not so usual ducks
- where the swans are being seen 

Confluence Road
- Merlin
- Snow buntings, longspurs, western meadowlarks, etc.

Happy Holidays and Good chasing,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co. 

P.S. Do not know if anyone re-found the SPOTTED TOWHEE after the Marjamaas.
If you did, please post results as well as location.

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