I was at Long Branch today 3:15-4:30. Flankie, missed you there. Birds
of interest:
I did found 2 snow buntings on the jetty at the marina. I did no flush
the birds so did not try to find out if the other 3 were still around.
They were in their favorite spot where the jetty curves south/west.
Most gulls could be seen from the dam. I did not see Frankie's bird.

Ok, I will try it again. I think I found a first-year Thayer's gull.
This is my at least third public attempt to make one of the "herring"
gull complex birds into a Thayers. Unfortunately the birds was pretty
far out and with the poor light my photographs are bad. Here are the
links to two shots:

My notes: Light-brown (coffee with milk) first year gull. Very
smoothly patterned overall. Larger than the nearby ring-billed gulls.
Tertials light brown in color with large pale edges. On the photo they
create a white smudge on the side of the wing. Primaries brown in
color with distinct pale edges (you can barely see them in the photo).
Bill small, all-black. Head smallish overall and rounded in shape.
Legs fleshy-colored, dull overall.
PLEASE send me your thoughts about this bird. I know the images are
rather bad, but if you do have a comment please let me know. This is
still one of the most difficult IDs for me in the gull world.
Good birding,

Peter Kondrashov
Kirksville, MO

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