Yesterday afternoon, I went out to Simpson Lake County Park for a little under two hours.  An American Kestrel was in a tree at the side of the road as I drove in to the boat-ramp parking lot.  There were lots of Canada Geese and Mallards on the lake.  Also about a dozen Gadwall with a few Shovelers and Green-winged Teal.  I walked up the levee to check out the water treatment ponds.  The ponds and the marsh water were frozen.  There were a dozen Canada Geese on the ice, and a pair of Red-tailed Hawks overhead.  On one of the concrete water exchange things, I found an Eastern Phoebe.  The Phoebe was perched, and would occasionally fly down towards the ice.  It appeared to be snagging bugs.  I drove over to the main parking lot of the park.  I saw a single Coot and a single Pied-billed Grebe.  There were many more Canada Geese on land and on the lake.  There was a close Red-shouldered Hawk on a low tree near the bicycle trail.
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