"Winter shall come bringing death from the sea,
 Ruinous spring shall beat at our doors,
 Root and shoot shall eat our eyes and our ears,
 Disastrous summer burn up the beds of our streams
           ...              ...              ...
 Shall the Son of Man be born again in the litter of scorn?"
 -- Chorus in 'Murder in the Cathedral', pp.11-13
"I am moved by fancies that are curled
 Around these images, and cling:
 The notion of some infinitely gentle
 Infinitely suffering thing."

--- On Sun, 12/26/10, George Carless <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Or (from memory: have I got the line breaks correct?):
> Western wind, when wilt thou blow,
> Christ, that my love werein my arms
> And I in my bed again.

//Just a quick note, for anybody who might care//: the uncompromising and
always incredible Current 93 feature 'Westron Wind' in their song "The
Inmost Light Itself" from the stunning "All the Pretty Little Horses"
album -