Hi all

Now 40.000 people have visited Cablesearch.org in one day  (this is why: http://cablesearch.org/?page_id=46) , we got a lot of interesting feedback.

One of the first things I want to pursue is how Wikileaks releases documents.

It seems that some documents are pulled back, then redacted, and come back in a different form. Our computers say 35 documents are totally gone,
see also http://www.privetbank.com.ua/cablegate/index.html

It is interesting to see what text is changed and which documents are totally gone. The bigger question is: why?

 I'll try to come with a new option in Cablesearch called "Changed/Gone" so you can start digging yourself. Give me 1-3 days. Will keep you posted

Henk van Ess

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