Dear colleagues

Just a moment ago, Wikileaks published 200+ documents, now 471 in total (still 245.000+ to go). I saved the documents for you in a database, which can be downloaded here:!/henkvaness/status/9916026447732736

Since I get a lot of questions of people how to monitor the files, I made a quick  manual for you.

1. Download the 471 files from!/henkvaness/status/9916026447732736
2. Unzip them in a directory
3. Use X1 or Copernic Desktop Search to specify this directory
4. Start searching as if you were using Google

For the more tech savvy: how do you  monitor new documents?

1. Download websitewatcher from
2. Choose New and enter
3. Enable Autowatch
4. Choose Follow Links, but keep the link depth 1. Enter cablegate under "Only Follow links which contain.."

Now you can search the results even faster. Go to Tools _> extended Search --> and don;'t forget to choose ALL BOOKMARKS. 

Henk van Ess
internet & serious social media trainer at universities
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