Thank you for the correction.  It's good to see a great idea getting beyond Missouri! 

And Missouri birders, if you haven't birded Arkansas, you've missed meeting some friendly birders and some fine birding and beautiful places--Buffalo Creek Demonstration Area for Red-cockaded Woodpecker, also found on the east side of the state; Petit Jean SP for warblers in the spring, Millwood Lake for southern water birds like Anhinga (and a Rock Wren once), Lake Dardanelle for winter waterfowl (including Tufted Duck a couple of winters), Holla Bend NWR...I'm starting to think about a road trip south!

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO

On Nov 22, 2010, at 7:36 PM, Allan Mueller wrote:

One small correction to the message below.  Arkansas also has the 1/8

% conservation sales tax.  It took us several tries, but it passed

some years ago.

Allan Mueller

Conway, AR

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