Years ago some of us used to do 50 mile raptor surveys on
routes of our own choice.  They were then submitted to 
Jim D. Wilson and Brad Jacobs, MDC.  I did my raptor run
today.  It goes through Barton and Vernon counties, sw MO.
I would have had a few more if I had a spotter along with me.
Today was a great day to be out:

Red-tailed Hawk adult:        19
          "              imm.         9
          "              unk.          6
Harlan's   "                          2

Buteo species                     9

Rough-legged Hawk             1

FERRUGINOUS HAWK       1    (documented on line)

Northern Harrier                    8

American Kestrel                 5

Cooper's Hawk                    1

Loggerhead Shrike               1

No eagles or vultures.

Good birding,  Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper County, MO.

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