Yesterday Jim and I went through St. Charles co.
First stop was Seeburger/Church intersection in St. Charles co
to see if the Great-tailed Grackles were around.
NO birds were to be seen, the cattle have been moved
and there were "NO Trespassing" signs on either side of
the lane at the fence line. 

PLEASE do not go down this lane and aggravate the owners
any further than they have already. 

Rogles and Borman had 3 GREAT-TAILED GRACKLES today at
the Bryan Island Horse Stables off of I-370 at the Earth City exit.
IF you go on the grounds PLEASE ask first, otherwise one can
view the horse stables from the elevated road next to the stables.
(best on weekends now that there is a business at the old driving range)

There were large groups of icterids down Church Rd/Blasie Station Road
in the corn stubble fields, so probably can find blackbird flocks here and there
in St.

Charlene Malone
St. L co.

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