Quick report of Riverlands MBS, St. Chas. co.

one juv. TUNDRA SWAN - in with 3/4 adult Trumpeters at Teal Pond.

a few LAPLAND LONGSPURS in with Horned Larks - along Confluence Road, green short
"grass" field across from the cornfields of the duck club.
Same field had Meadowlarks that were stirred up as someone at the duck club was riding
an ATV along the levee in the back of this field.

A few unIDed shorebirds at the Pipeline Pool at Confluence State Park.
(too far away, too much distortion, too bright light.) 
2 most likely LEASTS due to size and the other was bigger and NOT 
a Plover that we could tell. (was rather rotund though)  
Heard through the grapevine someone reported an Amer. Golden
Plover here earlier in the day but we did not see a bird that looked like that. 

WAY fewer divers today, NO scoters that we could find.
Weather "too nice". 
Did not have time to look through the large raft in front of
Ellis Island. Yesterday it was mostly dabblers.  

Nice gull roost. A couple of birds had me wondering.
Have to look at references.
Gull book still in black hole with mismatched socks.

Charlene Malone
St. L co. 

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