Saw a cedar waxwing sitting in shrub in backyard, then went to water feature (small plastic pan,HA).  It's been a few years since I've seen them back there. 
 The eurasian tree sparrows (pair) are roosting in the bird box.. There are roosting materials in there. This is the same box where a nest was destroyed last spring. 
At least 5 white-throated sparrows in and around.  More robins than ever..usual blue jays, downy woodpecker, c. chickadees, n. mockingbird (heard this a.m. with variety of songs), house sparrows, house finches,  the large cardinal family (maybe two), visiting starlings.
  I need to watch more today as I do some yard clean up and  catch up a bit re: my visitors. 

Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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