Wow, starting already. 
Just south of Champaign/west of Decatur. 

Charlene Malone
St. L co.


Subject: IBET Snowy Owl Pesotum, IL
From: "Tyler D. Funk" <rails_r_us1961 AT>
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2010 12:48:52 -0000

Good Morning Bears fans!

 While traveling in to work this morning(Downstate people can't qualify that as 
a commute)I saw a Snowy Owl hunting the median of I-57. The bird flew up and 
landed on one of the tall light posts on the south bound side rest area. This 
rest area is around mile marker 223-224 just north of Pesotum exit #221. 
Observation was at 6:15am this morning. 

Tyler D. Funk

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