The current debate in UK is about more immigration.
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  Coincidentally, in yesterday's Financial Times there was a letter from a chap in S.Africa about the misuse of words to describe prejudices. 

  He referred particularly to the immigration issue in UK and said that many people, for example, were not anti-immigration but anti-more immigration. 

   He concluded by saying that we should follow the example of George Orwell who had spoken clearly and objectively about such things.

  Unfortunately, I left the newspaper in a hotel in Dubai.



  That's a rather silly distinction. The debate, whether in the u.s. or in the u.k. is about _present_ immigration. To use that distinction is equivalent to saying: I've got mine, now fuck you.

  It would be cheering to get back to actually talking about Eliot's poems - after all, the list wouldn't exist except for those poems.  And Eliot, being dead, cares not whether people think he's a saint or a devi. 

  Incidentally, a considered judgment with reasons given, may well be quite wrong, but it's juvenile to call a conscious judgment a prejudice.