When doing some research on William Greenleaf Eliot I came upon this
book now online.  It has a fair number of short biographies on T.S.
Eliot relatives who were Unitarian ministers.  The book was edited
by a distant cousin and contains an article written by Eliot's mother.
No big deal here but I thought I'd share the links with the curious.

Five straight generations of ministers with the last four being


The original four volumes of "Heralds of a Liberal Faith" edited by
Samuel Atkins Eliot, the first President of the American Unitarian
Association, whose father was Charles W. Eliot, President of Harvard

A bio of the poet's grandfather written by the poet's mother:
    William Greenleaf Eliot (1811-1887)

This is the uncle of Eliot's grandfather:
(John succeeded his father Andrew as pastor of a Boston church)
    John Eliot (1754-1813)

This is Eliot's uncle who was succeeded by HIS son, Eliot's cousin:
     Thomas Lamb Eliot (1841-1936)
     William G. Eliot, Jr.

These certainly most be the namesakes of T.S. Eliot's father:
    Henry Ware (1764-1845)
    Henry Ware, Jr. (1794-1843)

This one is not any close relation to anyone in my American line:
(His grandfather, John Parker, commanded the company of Lexington
minute men on the morning of April 19, 1775)
    Theodore Parker (1810-1860)

    Rick Parker