I thought Larry might post something, but since he didn't I will report a Praire Falcon we saw yesterday in the oxbows area south of St. Joseph. We also saw 5 Horned Grebes and a good variety of Ducks. The area around Muskrat Lake had flock[s] of Great-tailed Grackles totaling 1800+!! and Brown-headed Cowbirds of 1500. 

 This afternoon I spotted a Northern Shrike in western Livingston Co.just east of the Daviess Co.line. It was on gravel road that goes South then  West out of town of Sampsel,  I believe it was on road # 534. This is 1/2 mile south of where I saw a NSHR two years ago. Will have to check and see if it stays around? Still no Longspurs found. This is area where I usually first see them - Oct 28th last year. So will have to keep checking for them - Still PRFA, SEOW, NSHR - oh yea and we had a Barred Owl hooting in backyard at 5:15 a.m. Sat - Fun Halloween Birding!
 Steve Kinder
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