Results of the ASM October 15-17 special birding effort at Johnsonís Shut-Ins State Park.

Johnsonís Shut-Ins is a focus park; that is, one selected for special attention in the SPARKS program to build solid, representative checklists.  

This park is of special interest because of the significant habitat changes there due to the Taum Sauk dam breach and the ďderechoĒ straight wind event that toppled significant numbers of mature trees.

The current checklist total for Johnsonís Shut-Ins SP is 122 bird species.

Since May of 2010, when the park re-opened, 10 species have been added to the checklist.  Of these, 5 were added during the October 15-17 weekend.   Added species for this event were:  Bald Eagle, Northern Harrier, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Savannah Sparrow, Lincolnís Sparrow.

Since May, 2010, 35 species were reported that were on the extant checklist, but had no date or individual numbers for the sightings.  Of these, 17 were found on the October weekend.

These trip reports are the beginning of a bird occurrence record that will be of value to birders, park resource managers, and researchers.

ASM and Missouri birders owe a big thanks to the birders who contributed to the October records.  They are:  Harold Anderson, Kathleen Anderson, Bruce Beck, Barb Duncan, Doris Fitchett, Sue Hagan, June Newman, Della Rhoades, Mick Sutton.

If you are fortunate enough to explore and bird any of the many habitats within Johnsonís SP, please consider adding to this fledgling database.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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