Hey all,

Recognizing my growing obsession, my in-laws bought me a subscription to the
Audubon magazine as my birthday present this year.  The first issue I
received came just this week and is all about the 110th Christmas Bird Count
(CBC) and all the statistics from it and previous years.  Given that today
also appears very *ahem* Christmas-like in weather (we're supposed to freeze
tonight in mid-MO!!!), I was curious what the CBC plans were for mid-MO this

I did a listserve search and also checked out ASM site and so far no one has
signed up for Columbia or anywhere near it.  I realize we're still ~2 months
out, but several other cities and major areas already have them posted and I
figured with such a strong area contingency something would already be
setup.  Then I thought perhaps it is and just not posted yet, so hence my RFI.

Thanks in advance and can't hardly wait for some more winter birding,
Chase Darr
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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