I have been using Birdjam and iBird Pro for about two years.

Both are excellent tools.

For birdsong use the difference is generally the songs on Birdjam are about 30 
seconds while the songs on iBird are about 5 seconds,

iBird is an App for the iPhone/iPod. Birdjam is a software installation via 
iTunes but has an excellent App interface. The main difference is that Birdjam 
is a birdsong tool and the iBird Pro is a field guide. Birdjam has an image of 
the bird when the song is playing and a range map. When used with the free 
App it is fast and easy to find any bird song.

 iBird has illustrations of the bird and multiple pictures of the bird. It has 
extensive write-ups on bird data. If you have internet connection (many times 
available in the field) you can press a function button and it will connect to 
FLICKR and find all the images of that bird available on FLICKR. That could be 
thousands. However iBird does not have a song for every bird it lists. In that 
case it presents a phonetic representation.

Software: Updates to iBird Pro are free and I have installed three massive 
updates since I first purchased it. Birdjam developed the free App, which 
allows speedy finding of songs, provides a picture and a map. That allows 
bypassing the bird song lists you install via iTunes and takes you directly to 
the song you are looking for.

Cost: Even if you own an iPhone/iPod Birdjam is significantly more expensive 
then iBird Pro.

Bottom line: In my opinion Birdjam is the premier birdsong tool available. It is 
fast, easy to use and has a far more extensive library then any other. iBird 
Pro is an excellent field guide and a bargain. You would have to have several 
printed bird guides to have all the information if contains: illustrations, 
multiple pictures, maps and data.

Bill Brennan
Marble Hill, Bollinger County, Mo

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