At 1:20 p.m. today the American Avocet was still at Katy Pool, BUT...

One adult Bald Eagle was sitting on the ground eating a shorebird as  
the second BAEA circled above.

The AMAV flew in and landed about 70 feet from the eagle on the  
ground, coming in directly under the circling eagle.
The eagle with the carcass flew off with it and the second eagle  

There were only 3 Killdeer present; no other shorebirds.

Nicolas March reported at about 3:10 that the Avocet was not seen in  
Katy Pool, an eagle was on the ground eating something, and only one  
Killdeer was present.

Only one Common Loon was seen in the distribution channel, but a  
second bird could have been present, unobserved in the choppy water  
and glare.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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