It's been hot in Poplar Bluff today, and extremely dry since mid-May. Today the mercury reached 84 degrees, compared to the normal high of 70 degrees. We are over 20 inches short of our annual rainfall, so I had the oscillating sprinkler on to try to save our tulip poplars and ferns

A couple of dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers, one Black-throated Green Warbler, one Summer Tanager, and several robins and jays were flying in and out of the spray. They were active on the ground and in the branches getting sprayed. They were ruffling their feathers in the artificial rainfall and chasing each other around. It was fun to watch.

Several species were first of the season for our yard today. . .
  a.. Yellow-rumped Warblers
  b.. Black-throated Green Warbler
  c.. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  d.. White-throated Sparrow
The last Ruby-throated Hummingbird was at our feeder on Wednesday the 13th.

A Summer Tanager is still hanging around.

The yard list for October is now thirty-seven species.

Bruce Beck
Poplar Bluff

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