See message below from Tim James, MDC supervisor/manager/wildlife biologist, who oversees Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area (and others in central MO).

Susan Hazelwood
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Hi Susan 

There appears to be some confusion among the birding community about the status of Eagle Bluffs now that the fall hunting seasons are opening. Waterfowl season begins November 5 which is the date that access beyond the Junction Box is limited to 1pm to 3pm daily. In the meantime, the parts of the area that are not in refuge are open to everyone. The refuge boundaries took effect October 15 which prohibits access to those zones including pools 14 and 15 in the Sapp tract. This weekend, October 23 and 24, is the youth waterfowl hunting weekend so there will be young hunters and their guides on Eagle Bluffs on those mornings. 

Migrating waterfowl are beginning to arrive with pool 10 providing the best viewing opportunities. An American Avocet was feeding along the mudflats in Katy pool this morning and the Bald Eagles are being seen in or near Katy pool recently. Please take advantage of the pleasant weather and sights to be seen at Eagle Bluffs this fall. 


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