The group stopped for a few minutes at Powder Valley CA to check for a Pine Siskin at their feeders, but without success.  Enjoyed a couple of chipmunks darting about and a single Wild Turkey which took over the covered platform feeder as he strolled about the table eating his breakfast undisturbed.  Other birds Downy WP, a few Tufted Titmice.  
On to Busch in search of the siskin, winter sparrows, Red-breasted Nuthatch and late warblers.  No luck with the first three groups, but there were several Yellow-rumps, a Nashville, Red-eyed Vireo, more Titmice, Red-bellied WP, a heard Pileated, White-breasted Nuthatch, White-throated and White-crowned Sparrow, Turkey Vultures, E Bluebird, 
E Wood Pewee, Red-tailed Hawk.
At Lake 6 (which is blocked halfway in by a locked gate during construction) our walk produced an unexpected bird of the day.  The Sharp-shinned made a couple of low passes, giving us excellent views of the young bird.  We hope it sticks around for our out-of-towners to return from their travels, for some a life bird.  There were also more Yellow-rumps, and a big group of Blue Jays noisily calling from the pines.  The old pedestrian only road that leads off up a sllight hill from the Lake 6 road now has only a couple of pines where there used to be many, often a good RB Nuthatch spot but no longer.
A brief drive down 94 to Katy Trail and boat access didn't add anything of interest to the day list, except some more Turkey Vultures.
Apologies for birds seen but overlooked in this report.  It was another glorious day to be out birding.
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