I went around the lake this afternoon and watched the gull roost develop until sundown. I did see one bird that I believe was an imm. California Gull, but I am not sufficiently confident for a report to MBRC. Also present were several thousand Franklin's Gulls, 75-80 White Pelicans and lots of coots.
Also of interest was some Osprey behavior. As I drove up to look over the Camp Branch swimming beach, I noticed an Osprey sitting in the water about two feet from shore while another osprey circled around overhead. Every now and then the Osprey in the water would dip his bill into the water as though eating or drinking. He appeared to do that too many times to be drinking. I speculate that he was taking underwater bites from a fish he had caught and hiding it under water to prevent the circling Osprey from stealing it.  I watched for about 15 minutes. Eventually, the circling Osprey left. Finally, the wading Osprey also left -- without a fish in its talons.
Bob Fisher
Independence, MO
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