For many of us that are members of The Audubon Society of Missouri (ASM), the names of Paul & Fran Bauer are no strangers. Paul has been involved with ASM for many years including two terms as President of ASM. For the past several years Paul & Fran Bauer have wanted to give something back, not only to ASM but to help out students who are looking to a career in the sciences. In particular.....birds, bird behavior and bird habitat.
The ASM Graduate Research Scholarship Program was created because the Bauers wanted to do something for the students. In 2005, the program was established and since then, five graduate students have benefited from the funds that the Bauer's have given. Those five students are: Robin Hirsh-Jacobson - 2006; W Andrew Cox - 2007; Cara Joos - 2008; Allison S. Cox - 2009; and Kaylan Kemink - 2010.
The way this works is, the Bauer's will put up $1000.00. A challenge is then given to the membership (or any one interested in helping these students) to match those dollars. This year Paul & Fran are offering to continue their support by issuing another challenge. They will continue to donate a minimum of $1000.00 to the program, and they would match up to an additional $1000.00 for members or any one interested in helping these students. And this year they will match an additional amount up to and not exceeding $1000.00 if more contributions come in.
The graduate students are required to come back to an ASM fall meeting at some point and report their findings from their research. This is their time to shine and present their results from the long and sometimes difficult tasks in gathering the data. If you have attended a meeting when students are giving their presentation, then you know not only are they very informative but you also see the benefit of helping these students to do their graduate work. Their enthusiasm and commitment are catagious.  It is very exciting knowing that we as a community are helping young students achieve their goals.
I would encourage all those who support conservation, habitat restoration and preservation of the birds and those animals that depend on us for their survival, to please consider making a generous contribution gift to this very worthy scholarship program. Without your dollars to help assist these students, then we are not doing our part to see that all that everything that can and needs to be done, is being done.
Please send any contributions to:
Pat Lueders
ASM Treasurer
1147 Hawken Place
St. Louis, MO  63119
Also, please specify that the money is for the Graduate Research Scholarship Fund. I know that the students that receive the scholarship funds toward their research appreciate your support as well.
And a warm "Thank-you" to Paul and Frances Bauer.
Thank you,
Jim Zellmer
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Blue Springs, MO 
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