To anyone who has not yet been to the event of the swallows returning to the cornfield I greatly encourage you to make the trip to see this amazing wonder.  What a discovery this is.
Imagine looking overhead at a clear sky and seeing mosquitoes flying everywhere you looked and packed as closely together as possible with more joining them from every direction.  Then, in a mass agreement they decide to swirl together and fall by the hundreds into the gigantic cornfield and you can see all the back dots falling individually like big raindrops.  They drop in great numbers, sort of one swirl at a time and suddenly all the birds are gone from the sky.  Doris Fitchett, the discoverer of this wonder, and Steve Kinder, the poster who keeps us updated on the event, have seen them rise and leave the cornfield in the morning and said in three minutes all the birds are gone. 
If it was even possible to photograph this occurrence the pictures could not cover it.  It is similar to the Sandhill Cranes but you hear no sound from the birds.
Steve recently posted, "probably 200,000+ put on quite a Show as they swirled over the cornfields at Dusk. The next 2 - 3 weeks it should be spectacular as long as the corn is still standing and there is a mostly clear sky."  As you see there is still time to see these birds. The Columbia Audubon gathered 23 people who made the trip Tuesday to the area located South and West of Pershing State Park.  Please find directions in an earlier post by Steve.
This unusual annual phenomenon should be on the, Natural Events Calendar, from the Missouri Department of Conservation.
Clare Wheeler
Lake Ozark, MO
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