On Sep 21, 2010, at 9:06 PM, Lawrence Herbert wrote:

> ...never use feet to capture prey.

We got super views of the LTJA's black and pink WEBBED feet.  Kinda  
difficult to capture prey with webbed feet.

Yup, I've seen them hovering kestrel-like over the "hairy bowling  
ball" hill out of Nome as they hunted and guarded nesting sites.

Yup, I've been on boats to which they came, attracted by the gulls  
and shearwaters attracted by fish oil laden chum.

Yup, I watched the Smithville bird gobble POPCORN, clearly preferring  
it to the chips (sans salsa) offered.

Yup, it was reported as picking dead fish off the surface on a  
previous day.

If the bird is still there when you go, watch the gull activity.   
Search the surface carefully (but the bird may not be visible with  
chop conditions), and when you scan the sky, scan high.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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