I met Kathy Lewis at Crows Creek at 7am and went to shelter 9, which by the way is RESERVED for the Brown family today, and along with Jim and Ellen Z. searched for the jaeger. We saw a jaeger like bird on the water close to Camp Branch Marina around 8:00am. I had to leave for work, but Jim and Ellen were going to Camp Branch to try and relocate the bird. So if shelter 9 is reserved for a family reunion it might be better to scope from other locations. Wouldn't want to get hit by any frizbees!
Jim mentioned that he had gone to Blue Springs yesterday afternoon and saw the rufous hummingbird.

Happy birding, Ruth Simmons Lee's Summit, Jackson Co., MO [log in to unmask] "A nation behaves well if the natural resources and assets which one generation turns over to the next are increased and not impaired in value." (Theodore Roosevelt)

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