Hi All,

Nice find Kristi!

This is a juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger, because of........

The blunt tips on the central retrices.

The short almost 1/2 dark tipped bill.

The two outer primaries are white only.

The lack of any warm tones in the plumage and small size (jizz).

Todd Easterla

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> So… My initial ID of this bird on Friday as a Long-tailed Jaeger, with 
> closest views at 300 yards, was based on the pale face; cold, unstreaked 
> breast; nearly black-and-white barring on the tail and flanks; rounded 
> central retrices; bill 1/3 to 1/2 black at the tip.
> Then I got closer. When I sat down with photographs from the boat trip 
> yesterday, I started focusing on micro-details. I zoomed in on the shape 
> of the nail on the upper mandible and focused on that rather than the 
> overall amount of black on the bill, and it looked like the nail was less 
> than half the length of the bill; I saw buff tips on the primary tips, and 
> recalled from reading that this is a mark for Parasitic. I also saw white 
> on the tips of the central tail feathers (good for Long-tailed), and the 
> photos seem to confirm that the tail feathers are rounded, not pointed. I 
> took into account the jizz of the bird, which does not have a buoyant 
> flight as "they" say Long-tailed should. And in the course of all this, I 
> started ignoring the overall appearance of the bird. Maybe I should have 
> stayed at 300 yards…
> Interesting to note is this web page, which has a photo of a very similar 
> bird, followed by a host of comments that were fairly split between 
> Long-tailed and Parasitic. The discussion was ended when Klaus Olsen 
> (co-author of the "Skuas and Jaegers" book) called it a "rather typical 
> Long-tailed. I think the problem is, that many tries to identify the bird 
> based on sole characters - in field ID as many characters as possible 
> should fit each other."
> Link to that discussion here:
> Fun fun fun!
> Kristi Mayo
> Kearney MO (Clay Co)
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