Don't know about others experience, but with the Carlyle birds...
If you attract the gulls with tons 'o popcorn &/or cheap day old
bread (semi-dry/stale is better - flingability quotient is higher) 
it will attract the jaegers too as they follow the gulls. 

In St. L, big bags of cheaper popcorn has been found at Dierberg's.
Use to see it at Schnuck's DVD rental areas if they
still have them, otherwise popcorn out of the snack isle
is expensive. 
We have an air popper and just popped a bag of popcorn kernels.
Netted two grocery sacks full for a buck and a half or so.  

Early on of having these pelagics, toyed with the idea of using fish chum 
and that got kiboshed quickly. (did not want to deal with the mess and smell).
Think coastal pelagics use popcorn as well.......maybe lace it
with some cod liver oil.......mmmmm, yummie.
Just make sure no humans munch on the laced popcorn. ;-)

Have fun.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co. 

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