Mike Flieg and I drove down to S. Monroe Co. this morning
to check on the nine White Ibis.  As we approached the
area (on the levee 4 - 5 mi. south of the Maeystown Creek Pumping
Station) at 10:00 we were met by a northbound flight of the nine
ibis.  They had obviously just taken off from the slough as they
were still gaining altitude.  We watched them for several minutes as
they flew north on a straight course.  Eventually they disappeared from
view beyond some distant trees.  Hopefully they were going to a day roost
to rest and digest their morning meal and would return to the slough
tomorrow morning.  All observations of the birds have been in the morning
(prior to 10:15) - they have not been found in the afternoon.
Large trucks carrying harvested corn made birding difficult on Mitchie Rd.
We did have two Am. Golden Plovers and two Baird's Sandpipers on the north
side of the road at 9:15.  We stopped there briefly at 10:45 and did not
see anything new.  Avocets were not seen at Mitchie or in the slough south of
Wally George
Cedar Hill, Mo.
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