I first went by Emmenegger park in St. Louis County (Kirkwood).  It was very quiet. Did not even see a cardinal or blue jay. Saw one likey flycatcher flitting in some vines, but no ID.  I walked the paved path as well as along the waterfront. Did not go up top. 
    I spent about 2 hours in Shaw Nature Reserve (Gray Summit,MO) , mostly in the more front  part of the Reserve (to the prairie)  . Did not go to the river.
    I saw playful bluebirds, heard a peewee, saw a Phoebe, a turkey vulture, a chipping sparrow, a field sparrow, many goldfinches, again no cardinals and no blue jays .. also no ruby-throated hummingbirds   (one or two brown blurs flying away.) Walked through some swampy areas.  nothing. 
     I will say that without birds, I got some walking at a decent pace up a gradual incline, felt good.
     More birds in my backyard... the usual.

Jane Allen
St. Louis County
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