Greetings Folks,
As with most of us, with me, time is of the essence, and my job can wisk me away to other locations at a moments notice. Personally speaking, my customer has a plant in Kansas City, MO as well as another that requires me to fly out of St. Louis, and I have vendors in the St. Louis area.
The Swamp Candle Birders of Southeast MO group uses Google Calendar when scheduling their events - add [log in to unmask].
I was wondering if other birding groups throughout the state use Google Calendar for planning their events also. If so would they mind sharing their calendar's address/link with the rest of MO Birders, so that we can add each other's calendar to our calendar in the event we might find ourselves in the area (where ever that may be) at the time of a fieldtrip or event taking place, so that we might be able to join in the fun?
Just a thought . . .
Good Fall Birding!

Chris Barrigar
Stoddard Co.
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