Hey all,

It was a relatively slow afternoon at EBCA.  I was hoping for shorebirds,
but they were constrained to Killdeer, a small group of Least Sandpipers and
a few Spotted Sandpipers.  However, one highlight was a new high count of
Great Blue Herons (GBHE) between Pool 14/15 and the Distribution Channel:
658.  Also significant was the 361 Great Egrets also in Pool 14/15.

I have a possible Rusty Blackbird (yes, I know it's really early for one)
that was on the powerlines just past the first 90* turn.  Rusty tinge,
concave tail, no bluish or greenish head.

I'm not great with blackbird IDs, so if you have another idea, feel free to
let me know.  I looked up pictures of all three possibles (Common Grackle,
Brewer's Blackbird, and Rusty Blackbird) and still think Rusty is the best

Only other good spots were 3 adult Sora and a Common Moorhen in the front of
Pool 11, seen from the road just before the parking area.  As we drove past
Pool 11, three Little Blue Heron flew south overhead toward Pool 15.

Overall, saw 26 species, mostly the usual suspects, in this beautiful, clear

Cheers and good birding,
Chase & Katie Darr
Columbia, Boone Co., MO
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