I found one very early CCSP this morning across the lake from the Green Hills Golf Course at the edge of Chillicothe. Robbins & Easterla list early date as Sept 10. I had two at TRW last year on Sept 9, so maybe they start coming in a little sooner than thought. It was a nice cool -  48degree " Fall like" morning. I told   Dianne that yesterday was the first day of Fall when I heard the wind blowing out of the NW before getting out of bed.
  It was fairly quiet out out there this morning otherwise, except there were Eastern Meadowlarks all over coming up from the little wet hayfield. Had to be 30+ of them. Did have Yellow Warbler, Common Yellowthroat, and a Northern Waterthrush, plus some of the more usuals.
 Yesterday at the Thompson River Wetland west of town was my FOS Franklin's Gull. A flock of 30+ Eastern Kingbirds were in the treeline along the road, along with many Indigo Buntings, and a few Cedar Waxwings. There were a few Least Sandpipers and a dozen Stilt Sandpipers. Still a few Bobolinks, Sedge Wrens, and Song Sparrows around. Couple hundred Ducks, mostly BW Teal and some N. Shovelers. Saw one Bald Eagle, but a single Cattle Egret seen Thursday was not found. I have been hearing the " Fall Whisper" song of a few Bell's Vireos last few days.
 I am getting exciting thinking about more Fall Migrants coming! - In case you couldn't tell.
 Steve Kinder
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