I think your reference here is VERY relevant to Eliot's work.
Cf. Pound's Make It New.

From a recent interview on Matisse on Charlie Rose
re: current retrospective at MOMA:

"'All things considered, there is only Matisse' - Pablo Picasso"
"Questioner to Matisse 'Surely you don't put down intelligence?'
 Matisse: 'Yes. Ireject intellectulity. There is only instinct.' "

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                                GENIUS WITHIN 


                                A NYTimes Movie Review 

                                By A.O. SCOTT 

                                September 9, 2010 



                                Jock Carroll/Lorber Films 
                                The pianist Glenn Gould in a scene from the documentary “Genius Within.” 


                                "[E]very artist’s goal is to transcend the limiting circumstances of individual experience and touch something larger."