Maybe, but it wouldn't stop these guys and their offshoots (14 of the 15 murderers of 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia - the 15th, Mohd Atta is considered a martyr in Egypt).
Foreign armies have historically provided one sort of protection; Wahhabi theology another. Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, a Koranic literalist born in the 18th century, preached a primitive but effective message to the peninsular Arabs.

Laughed at by his own family and booted out of his village, he found a willing listener in the founder of the Saud dynasty and a concordat was signed and sealed. The Saud clan would embrace the Wahhabi interpretation of the Book, and al-Wahhab would work exclusively with the Saud tribe and refrain from trying to convert its rivals.

Astonishingly, the preacher agreed, and the first Saudi-Wahhabi emirate lasted from 1744 to 1818.  It was when they began to attack other Muslims and tear down the tombs of the Companions of the Prophet that the Sultan in Constantinople instructed his Albanian-born governor in Egypt to deal with the problem.  An army was dispatched from Cairo to crush the emirate: it succeeded, and for good measure burnt the capital, Deriyyah, to the ground.

Today, Wahhabism is again being used to keep the citizens under control in a country with a Sunni majority, many of whom are allergic to it, and a large Shia minority in the oil-producing Eastern province.

(from book by Tariq Ali)

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> Mikemail wrote:
> Admirable sentiments.... a bit overwhelming for me ....the suffering
>  and injustice of all Humankind.
> Just for today I think I can manage to consider the actions taken by
> those who one sunny morning in New York, in peacetime, wiped out over
> 3000 souls going about their the name of Islam.   This is
> enough for me to contemplate but also the fact that I have never, in
> my environment,  heard one word of regret from a Muslim.
> Mike - living in Islamic countries for over 20 years, including Saudi
> Arabia since 1999.
Saudi Arabia is just one of the many tyrannies that is kept going by
U.S. support. The world would be a much better place if the u.s. stopped
all "foreign aid," military and econ9omic, and refused to sell arms to
anyone, of any political persasion.


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