Incidentally, a thread vis-a-vis the cats:
a habitation and a home -- for each of the parties at strife -- to live in plenty and peace
God bless !!!

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I thought you may enjoy this.  My husband and I take care of three cats, all abandoned.  Two live in our yard,
Charlie and Jack.  We've officially adpted them.  There's a long story how we came to adopt each cat, but that's not the point. We can't bring the cats into our home because of the great Mimi, our pooch, but they have a nice life outside. It's Florida after all.  There's a sofa under the house where they sleep and they receive a nice breakfast and Dinner.   During cold nights last winter, we put them in my car with a heating pad. There's another cat that lives in the yard across the street, MacInroe.  He does not belong to the owner of that house, but the owner allows the cat to stay in the yard.  She does not feed him.  We do.  We feed him because if we don't, he'll be attacking our cats.  As it is, he tries to invade their territory and wants to be in our yard and he will not give up.  My husband calls MacInroe the "Palestinian" and our cats "the Israelis," particulary Charlie who is very tough and will chase MacInroe out of our yard.