Jerome's remarks chime with me after my experiences this Saturday, when, as
part of Whitehaven UK town (the only place in the UK to have been attacked
in a guerilla / terrorist raid by the American Navy, but we'll forget that,
Mr. Jones...) we were treated to a tour of a few of the town's churches.

In many UK towns now, doubtless mosques and temples might have been on the
tour, but we covered a lot of the spectrum, from dour-ish
Presbyterian/Nonconformists via Anglican 'Happy-Clappy' Low Church and
Anglican High-ish Church to the visually stunning Roman Catholic Church,
which is still operated by Benedictine Monks as a 'mission' from their very
distant abbey.

The common denominator in all this denominational diversity was very
obviously the sincere faith; goodwill and tolerance of all those who met us
and proudly showed us their places of worship and explained a little of
their faith and even let some of our number have a try at ringing some
changes on all their bells.

For some TSE-content, suppose The Hippopotamus comes to mind - but what's
the Biblical fragment - In my House there are many mansions.......etc.

It was an all the absolute antithesis of bunker-mentality and hatred and
bigotry, which is why I mention it here.

(I can well understand Mike's discomfort in having to live in a far kess
diverse and tolerant society.)


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> I thought you may enjoy this.  My husband and I take care of three cats,
> all abandoned.  Two live in our yard,
> Charlie and Jack.  We've officially adpted them.  There's a long story how
> we came to adopt each cat, but that's not the point. We can't bring the cats
> into our home because of the great Mimi, our pooch, but they have a nice
> life outside. It's Florida after all.  There's a sofa under the house where
> they sleep and they receive a nice breakfast and Dinner.   During cold
> nights last winter, we put them in my car with a heating pad. There's
> another cat that lives in the yard across the street, MacInroe.  He does not
> belong to the owner of that house, but the owner allows the cat to stay in
> the yard.  She does not feed him.  We do.  We feed him because if we don't,
> he'll be attacking our cats.  As it is, he tries to invade their territory
> and wants to be in our yard and he will not give up.  My husband calls
> MacInroe the "Palestinian" and our cats "the Israelis," particulary Charlie
> who is very tough and will chase MacInroe out of our yard.
> Kate
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>    Thanks, Jerry. I do share in your fears and apprehensions.  And I
> earnestly pray for good sense to prevail over all passions.
> Regards,
>  CR
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>  Thanks for that link, CR.  I agree with the article that the greatest
> threat to our way of life is hatred and bigotry, no matter whether it comes
> from without or within.  What scares me most is how readily those who
> condemn hatred and bigotry do so in language that expresses, and further
> inflames, more hatred and bigotry.
> Jerry Walsh
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>      No forum, I believe, can or should remain aloof to an issue that
> threatens the peace and well-being of our commonwealth. You'll kindly permit
> me to share, in this regard, what appears to me a most sensible piece of
> advice.
> By Nicholas D. Kristof
> September 11, 2010
> Regards,
>  CR