Hallo All

Forgive me for seeking possible advice and guidance, but I am presently
seeing supervision from a UK university regarding a proposed PhD thesis that
would, in effect, be a critical biography of a modern(ist) UK poet

I seem in these endeavours to encounter a brick wall in the form of what I
maybe irreverendly call all the ''isms' of literary theory, in that many
academic institutions here don't perceive mere 'life-writing' as
sufficiently-weighty literary  research.

I'm getting a little frustrated by this (to me) constrained and blinkered
approach, and would very much welcome any observations from the List

More detal if required set out here

I'd argue there is a lot of TSE-content as regards the Modernism overall, as
well as specific, very significant encountrs with TSEb and with Faber, but
others may see differently.

Best Wishes

Cumbria, UK.


a much-fuller draft proposal exists, if required.