Dear Colleagues,

I hope that after a rewarding summer for all, I may share two updates
with you.

The deadline for proposing a seminar for the 2011 ACLA meeting in
Vancouver, BC has been extended to *1 October*.  While we have
received many excellent proposals already, we invite you to consider
making a submission in the following few weeks.  We are also now
accepting individual paper proposals.  The deadline for individual
submissions is *1 November*.

Seminar and paper submissions may be made through our website at:

Attached to this email you will find a .pdf of the ACLA annual
bulletin.  It will also be posted on our website.  In addition to
eloquent letters from our president and the president of the ADPCL, as
well as notices to honor our 2010 prize winners as well as colleagues
whom we have lost, the bulletin contains important information about
the Vancouver conference and about the ACLA and ADPCL sessions that
will take place at the January 2011 MLA meeting in Los Angeles.

Please also allow me to draw your attention to the new dues schedule,
listed in the bulletin, which becomes effective on 1 November when we
begin accepting 2011 memberships.  The board approved a schedule with
membership categories based upon income so as to reflect more
accurately the diversity of professional profiles in today's world and
so as to make explicit that the ACLA is trying to avoid raising dues
for those members in the lower income categories.  We have retained a
special category for students.

Please, as ever, feel warmly invited to contact us at the Secretariat
in Austin.

With all best wishes

Dr. Elizabeth M. Richmond-Garza
Secretary-Treasurer, ACLA
1 University Station B5003
University of Texas
Austin, TX 78712-0195
Tel. (512)471-8020, Fax. (512)471-8878

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