The Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) is now accepting applications for the 2011 Fulbright German Studies Seminar. The topic is "Ethnic Diversity and National Identity" and the application deadline in October 15th, 2010.


The Fulbright German Studies Seminar offers U.S. scholars the opportunity to meet in Germany to discuss current issues relevant to both Germany and the international community. The 2011 seminar will explore what it means to be a member of a distinctive national group today (e.g. German, French, Dutch etc.); how a national identity is defined, how it has evolved, whether there are geographic differences in this concept of "national identity" and - in the case of Germany - what impact reunification, i.e. the merging of two seemingly different national identities, has had on it. Do East and West Germans, for example, even share the same views of a German national identity today? Another focus will be the growth of multi-ethnic societies in Germany and Europe, e.g. the role of religion, language and culture in the context of social cohesion and individual self-esteem. Considering that nearly 20 percent of the population in Germany has an immigration background, with neighboring nation states sharing similar demographic developments, what is the new discourse on citizenship and social integration? Major parts of the program will take place in Berlin but visits to other regions will also be included.


Applications are now being accepted. Those eligible to apply include scholars from U.S. universities, colleges, and community colleges who hold full-time teaching appointments and  a Ph.D. or equivalent professional/terminal degree (e.g. a professional master’s degree in the field of the seminar topic). Applicants must be U.S. citizens. The seminar is to be held in English, and will take place June 15 - 25, 2011. More information about this award can be found online at


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The Fulbright Scholar Program and Humphrey Fellowship Program are administered by the Institute of International Education’s Department of Scholar and Professional Programs, which includes the Council for International Exchange of Scholars and Humphrey divisions.


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