The 2011 annual meeting of SEASECS will be held at Wake Forest
University in Winston-Salem, NC, 3-5 March 2011. The general Call for
Papers can be accessed at:

The following specific panels have also been submitted . Please contact
their respective organizers directly with your paper proposals.

"Publishing Scholarly Articles: Tips from the NPEC Editorial Board."
Organizer: Professor Samia Spencer.
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Auburn University
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"Intruders and Improvers": Eighteenth-Century Women Writers and Publicity"

This panel topic addresses all papers which seek to uncover the varied
literary or cultural techniques, alterations, or "tricks" by which early
modern women writers asserted their voices into public spheres in an
effort to achieve publicity for their ideas or to modify and change
their societies, families, and communities. This panel welcomes papers
which explore all methods and means by which seventeenth- and
eighteenth-century women achieved publicity for their ideas, including
the use of religious rhetoric, the application and modification of
traditional literary forms and genres, the use of literary translation,
and the insertion of the female writer's voice into traditionally
masculine genres such as political tracts, educational treatises,
pamphlets, and periodicals.

Amanda Hiner, Ph.D.
218 Bancroft Hall
Department of English
Winthrop University
Rock Hill SC 29733-0001
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