This morning I stopped and watched an immature MIKI for several minutes while paddling down the Grand River west of Chillicothe. This is the farthest up the Grand I have ever seen one. Such impressive and graceful birds! We rarely get to see them in North Mo. 
While camped on a sandbar last night I again heard Eastern Screech Owl and Barred Owls calling. Only one of each this time, and the Barred was only giving the one note call. This morning right after I put the boat in I heard a bunch of Crows fiercely mobbing something near where I had heard the Barred Owl. Then a Red-shouldered Hawk joined in and started screeching extremely loud and violently! I don't know what was going on there as I couldn't see anything through all the trees except an occasional Crow when one flew out, but it was pretty exciting listening to the ruckus!

I also saw a Bald Eagle, a Great Horned Owl  a Pileated Woodpecker, Wood Ducks, Yellow-billed Cuckoos,  Kingfishers, Killdeer , Spotted Sandpipers, and other more of the usuals while going down the river today. I watched a group of 5 Wild Turkeys run and fly up the bank at one place. I was able to pluck a feather one had lost,  from off the top of the water as I floated by. Nice, but Windy, day to be out on the River!
Steve Kinder
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