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These are at least two places I can think of that accept and courier binocs and other items to folks that want them.  They are delivering them to folks who need really good binocs to handle the rain and humidity of the tropics so, and they don't fix binocs that are out of line or have issues.   So, when you retire your Swarovski or Leitz after a few years to upgrade, those are the ones that are greatly needed.  I sometimes courier binocs down when I go to the SMBC meetings.  We will often have 40 pairs of good binocs donated by am optic company or government agency that has just surplused some and bought new ones.

Optics for the tropics doesn't fix binocs any more to my knowledge.  So, really only good binocs that work and don't cloud up inside will be useful.

Click on the websites, send them a message asking what they want these days.  They are usually very specific.


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