I braved the heat wave to find the Neotropic Cormorant others had reported in recent weeks but I missed the last time I went looking for it.  I stopped on the dam and scoped out a group of four cormorants and found the NECO with three DCCO's.  They were in great light, right at the waters edge and I could clearly see the pointed base to the bill, the white lining along the bill's edge and the smaller size.

Thanks to Bob, Josh and Aaron for the directions and encouragement in finding the NECO.  I got some blurry pictures but maybe one or two will come out alright.

While scoping out the cormorants I was visited by two of Jackson County's Sheriffs Departments finest...hands on guns, hearts pounding. It seems that someone reported seeing a man with a rifle on the dam.  Yikes!  After taking a look through my scope and looking in my car they were satisfied that I wasn't a bad guy.  I guess I should start wearing a white hat!

Be careful out there.

Gotta bird!

Scott Laurent
Kansas City, Mo. (Jackson Co.)

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